The County Team is here to support and advise Leaders as and when necessary, on any issue of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity along with raising awareness and understanding in Scouts.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Changing the way we think and do things so that we can become a movement that gives everyone what they need to thrive.

Equity is about making sure that every young person and volunteer has equal opportunities, whatever their identity or background. Equity isn’t about treating everyone in the same way; it recognises that it may require different approaches for different individuals or groups.

Diversity means valuing all differences between the people in our movement, whether they’re visible or not. It includes recognising different viewpoints, experiences, and identities as strengths. Diversity isn’t about ‘accepting’ or ‘managing’ differences; it’s about nurturing and celebrating them.

Inclusion means taking proactive, positive actions to remove ALL barriers to participation in joining or volunteering for Scouts. Being an inclusive movement requires an ongoing commitment to listening, understanding, and taking action.

EDI covers; Additional Needs, Faiths and Beliefs, Girls and Women in Scouts, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, Race and Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Transgender and Gender identity and making suitable adjustments.


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